Why ClosurePrint?

Sharper, cleaner images


Short runs if needed

One, two, and three color printing


Consider the differences

Meaningful elements with bottom line effects:

  • Fully-automated high-speed  rotary equipment delivers fantastic results
  • We can do hundreds of thousands to a hundred million closures per year, with one to a hundred versions
  • Sharper, cleaner images than dry offset printing
  • Much faster (and more cost-effective) than semi-automated pad printing
  • Does not require the long runs needed to make litho printing or in-mold labeling cost-effective

  • With up to three colors in register, we can print crisp, clear graphics and/or text to make your product really stand out!

Just Imagine

Your customer reaches into a cooler full of soft drinks and identifies yours by the image on the bottle cap, or

She chooses the right engine oil from containers clearly marked with the contents right on the cap, or

He knows at a glance which bottle under the sink is the soap refill and which is for stain removal.

From organizing spices to organizing cleaning product refills – for the home, garage, or business – your image on a closure can make your brand more recognizable and your customers’ lives easier.

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