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Fully Automatic High-Speed Printing

ClosurePrint’s high-speed fully-automated rotary pad printing systems print up to three colors on plastic and metal closures, bottle caps, and lids:

  • 43mm pad printer; print speed 50-60,000 metal closures / hour
  • 38mm pad printer; print speed 80-90,000 plastic closures / hour
  • 28mm pad printer; print speed 100-120,000 plastic closures / hour

The pad printing systems are designed to make setups quick and ink management simple. This allows us to spend more of our time printing — increasing efficiency and overall productivity. Our customers see this in reasonable pricing and fast turnaround.

Quality Management

A COGNEX Camera System is being installed on the 43mm pad printer. Camera systems for the 28mm and 38mm printers will follow.


Short Tooling Times

Other Sizes

ClosurePrint also has the ability to create tooling for other sizes of closures, within the parameters of the three printing systems.


Once tooling is created changeover to other closures is unbeatably fast, thanks to special mandrel quick-change systems.

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