What We Do

Our name communicates our business: we pad print one, two, or three colors on 28mm, 38mm, and 43mm plastic and metal closures, bottle caps, and lids.

28 Millimeter

38 Millimeter

43 Millimeter

Let us promote your brands

Plastic and Metal Closures

Let us promote your brands by printing logos or SKU-specific information on plastic and metal closures (bottle caps and jar lids).

Do you currently:

  • Sticker your closures for branding or product information?
  • Use blank closures you’d like to exploit for marketing?
  • Need to refresh or rebrand, and you’re looking for new and innovative options?

Contact ClosurePrint, we can help!

ClosurePrint pad prints one, two, or three colors on white and colored closures. We can print metallic inks and half-tones. And on colored closures we can make your imprint really “pop” by underprinting with white, which counts as one of the three colors.

Our Sizes

Plastic ClosuresMetal Closures
28mm x43mm x
38mm x

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